The Tale of a Point



vOz’s Dilemma

vOz / All Rights Reserved

8.25.2010 / Revised 12.22.21

vOz’s Dilemma:

How none became one, one became two, two became three,

three became two, two became one, one became none.

The tale of a point…


If nothing is no thing, does it truly know it is something?

Can no transform to know?

What is the Point?


In the beginning there was nothing.

No-thing being know-thing is some-thing.

So, nothing emerges as a known thing becoming some-thing.

A Known-thing is a form of some-thing, something like a point.


The point as know-point moves forward in search of another.

As the point moved forward it found none other.

Having tired the point paused.


Surveying the surface, to its surprise the point discovers a line.

Well, a line is fine but where’s the point?

The perplexed point not knowing a line is confused.


Looking forward not seeing another point, the point shifts direction.

As the point realigns its position, notices the line is following.

The point shifts in another direction, to find the original line obstructing its path.


Being creative, the point jumps over the line.

The point looks back to see separation, but no point.

Frustrated, the distraught point haphazardly jumps up and down, all around the line.

Exhausted the point stops jumping.


Surveying the plane to its amazement it finds many other points.

This pleases the point; not only has it found one point but many others.


The curious point moves forward toward the nearest point.

As the two merge the second point disappears.

This perplexes the point and moves to another.


When they two come in contact it too disappears.

The muddled point not understanding arrives at a dilemma.

What is happening? Why did the other points leave?


The point continues its journey seeking out other points.

But when merging with each point, one by one they too disappear.

Where are all the other points going?


But while all this is occurring something has changed within the point.

Arriving at the point of origination, merged with all other points, the line transforms into circle.


Pleased, now that the point has completed its journey

Connecting with other points, it has changed into a circle.


Once the point discovered there were other points.

And connecting with the other points it becomes a line.

As each point merges, the lines become shapes


Point, line, direction is a pathway creating shapes.

All shapes are pathways to other forms consisting of points, lines & circles.

Eventually connecting a point with itself, returning its origination.


Thus, no-thing became some-thing

A point became a line, a shape, a circle

 And once complete the circle united with line and point

Eventually finding its place of origination.

Evolving as a cycle.


The point discovered there is no point only the cycle.

And once point and line transformed into a kind of circle.

It took on other shapes and forms.


One continuous space where point and line are joined and become a whole.


Or is it a zero??? Something you fall into??? Or something that becomes nothing???

Who knows what we become; but we are transformed!