vOz 1/6/02 – 1/8/02
All Rights Reserved

I passed a dog as I drove
Her gait proud and free
She spied me in an instant flash
Her gaze fixed on me

A look she gave warm and true
To her I was a god
A master worthy of her faith
Her head to me she bowed

As I passed her on this road
I gave but little thought
Her piercing stare stayed with me
The fleeting glance I caught

As I drove, I looked to see
Observed through my rearview mirror
The dog had stopped, raised head in the street
A look she gave, rather queer

For only a moment, I understood
Faithful courage this canine possessed
A fierce loyalty inside her dwelt
Worthy of a God’s respect

Within her world, no question was there
At my sound she would respond
Trust, intuitive in her
She felt I would do her no harm

As to beckon me to her side
This dog began to bark
Looking for her newfound friend
As if I would stop and park

For just this moment, I felt as a god
What a splendid feeling of awe
As another car drew nearer
Dead, was this dog