Book of Secrets

This painting is a visual of my quest.
Magic is like faith, it has no logic it just works, but you must have the key to unlock the secrets.
That key is BELIEF, seeing is believing but believing is SEEING!

My experience with this has enhanced my faith in it.
I believe in me there resides a little old sage who has all the answers I want.
But sometimes the answer is “Nick, you will not understand it now”.
I found the secret of life is I cannot tell you; you must experience for yourself.
Through the years I have chased wisdom like a butterfly.
I must be quiet and still, for it come.

My ego seems to get in my way, I cannot turn it off, it’s in me. What I can do is practice humility.
I learned to ride a bike, certain things must be practiced, or I will never completely conquer them.
In the painting I put him in the woods, I believe nature has all the answers if I just be still and observe.

So much of what we look for are in plain sight.
But we go through life at 75 mph and miss many, many things.

One day I was riding with my friend.
I asked him “how many signs have we passed in the last 2 minutes?” He said, “I don’t know.”
We’re so busy, always in a hurry, we don’t see or pay attention to the signs right in front of us.

When I paint, I’m by myself, inside my head. It’s like therapy.
I see in paint what is going on in my life.
But I must be observant to see it.
And where it must be changed, I must believe I can.
I would much rather have wisdom than loads of money!
My grandmother would say, “Nico hurry, slowly”.