Bronx Greens Stand

Painting this NYC series is bringing back a flood of memories mostly great ones!
When I was a kid, we often walked to my grandmother’s house on 221st from Gun Hill Road.
It was about 20 short blocks under the EL.

The Bronx had a different type than Manhattan.
When walking under the EL as the train passed the noise was deafening the energy was overwhelming.
Like I had said the energy was pulsating thru the sidewalk.

I was walking with my mom and brother Vinny from the time I was a few months old to 7 or 8 years old.
And the guy’s “vendors” would give me string beans and all sorts of fruit.
Great memories.

Everything was magic.
The street was alive with all sorts of people going here and there, car horns, bus, and truck fumes.
It all fit together like a grand symphony!

If we were lucky my mom would take us in the five and dime store for a small toy.
We never had much money and how my mom did it all was a miracle!
My father was spending large amounts playing the numbers.
He hit quite often but put it right back into gambling?

My poor mom had a rough life in Connecticut where my grandparents settled.
She was made fun of Italian was all that was spoken at home, so she had to learn English in school.