Flowers For Gaza

I feel so helpless watching all the pain and madness that permeates the news.
When I did this painting, I felt it was alI I could do to document what went on there.

My flowers are the painting. I felt her sadness so deeply. It seems the world is going completely mad!
Yet there are many beautiful things that go on each day that are never in the news.
It is said, if you want to change the world change yourself.

My paintings try to tell a story, to show feelings.
I do many different types of paintings, some are pretty, some show friends others all aspects of life.
The paintings done from a place deep within me are some of my best works.

I’m told my work brings a sense of joy and happiness despite the subject.
I do a fairy tale series that takes me back to my childhood, when my mother would read to me.
The world was so simple then. I remember when she did housework, no matter how tired, she’d sing.

Now that I’ve come to the Autumn of my life, things are quite different.
I seem to want to paint 24 hours a day. But I must find balance, too much of anything is not good.
I never run out of things to paint, many ideas go thru my head, but I only pick the ones that stand out.
I’m learning what is important.

It seems things that once were so important don’t seem to matter anymore.
When I was about 20, I cut off an old guy who was trying to get to an open parking space.
He looked at me and said, “youth is wasted on the young.”

The funny thing is many years later a young kid cut me off to get to a parking space.
He looked at me and I just laughed. You’re a crazy old man he said, I said yep!
There is a small voice within me that directs me.
When I follow that voice, all is well.
When I don’t, look out!