Magic Kitchen #32

This is one of the kitchen series that I semi-abstracted.
Putting a landscape on a shelf and a door on the flower vase.
With sunflowers in the center of the painting.

I’ve worked with Children, especially troubled children.
I’d explain, when you do art, it is your world.
You can put anything in your world you want; it’s your world.

Children are taught to conform to rules.
We must also teach them to use their imagination.

I want to let them know “this is your world”. The art, you create is your vision.
If you want to make hamburgers purple, blue or any color, you can!

It is the one place you’re allowed to create anything what you want.
No one can say to you are wrong.
There is a freedom that comes with drawing, painting, or any art.

My cousin Joe says, “Art is the vision of seeing the invisible ”
It is an inner world of your soul!