New York Abstract

“New York Abstract” as a painting I completed while I still living in NY.
I had not been painting for more than 2 years.
Abstracts are not as easy as people would think, and this one just came to me.

When I paint abstracts, they come from a place deep within me.
A place of pure feeling and creativity.
All paintings I do have a feeling and a message. Some more so than others.
Like I have said before many of my works are to bring happiness to people.
I do this with color and subject.
I’ve found color has a magic that can change a person’s mood in a heartbeat.

Back to this painting it is one of the largest I have ever done.
I was ready to move from NY, a place I had spent my whole life.
To Vermont A place I knew nothing about.
Plus, I had been on the methadone program since 1970 and now it was 1991.
They had no program at the time in VT.
So that played a large part to the feeling expressed in this work of art.
Having to get off methadone after so many years I was told that it was near impossible.
I said I will or die trying. And I did, I was drug free for 7 or so years.
NY Nick was dying so to speak, and a new VT nick was coming to be.

The angel type figures in the art are me flying into a new phase of my life.
Closing one door and opening another.
It has great energy, movement, and power.
I’ve kept this painting and it is not for sale.
There are several works that are milestones in my life as an artist.
And when I look at this work It all comes back to me.