Old Dude

It is as if a FORCE within and outside of me has come to a place of harmony.

Old Dude…
This was done with Matisse in mind.
I love his art the color, form, and simplicity.
Using a long stick with a brush fastened he painted from his bed.
He painted right up to the last.

The artist of that day was not afraid to paint what they felt.
From them I have learned to paint from my heart not my head, for my brain is not me.
My best work comes when painting without thought.
Just let the brush freely translate what’s in my heart.

Every painting I do does not belong to me.
it was painted for whom every comes to claim it.
Some artists have a tough time parting with paintings.
To me I am just the person who paints the picture.

I believe each painting is done for a certain person to brighten their life a little.
Like I said it was painted for them, I believe that is just what my heart tells me.

Occasionally a person will see a painting that moves them but cannot afford it.
I will sell it for whatever they can offer or just give it to them.
My hope is that my art will bring some small happiness into the world.

I never think about money when I paint.
Somehow, I always get what I need; thank goodness not what I want!

I feel one of my missions in life is to bring color and joy into the world.