The Real American

When I 1st moved to Vermont, I bought a house in Peachum.
This house had a large yard, so I posted an American flag in the yard.

One day I was outside painting.
I had painted a Native American, but I could not put a face to it.
It was a beautiful sunny, calm spring day. I said “Great Spirit give me a face!
Just then the wind picked up and blew the American flag off its mount.

It landed on my head!
It was one of those twilight zone moments!
I looked at the painting and painted an American flag on the face!

I named the painting Twoolwool was the 2nd Painting I did.
I sold the 1st one at our store a wool store/art gallery.
It was one of the 1st paintings I sold in VT.
And in fact, one of the 1st paintings I ever sold.

Yes, the Native Americans are “The Real Americans”
Since then, I have done similar type paintings but those 2 were the best!