Too Much Color Nick!

I’ve done a series of famous artists and what I thought their reaction would be to me.
I think “Rembrandt” or “Remmy” would say “Nick, there’s too much color in your art, it’s too vibrant. This is a prime example how art can be so different but the same.

When I paint, I paint the way I see the world as I guess most artist do.
In that place I’ve often said, “There are artists deep within me, whose paintings pass through me every second”. I must choose which to bring to life.”

I have a friend who’s a logger, every time he sees a tree, he sees money!
Every time I see things, I see a painting.

My friend Jim De Carlo’s father who drew Archie comics once said to me “when a person sees one of your works even without the signature they know it is a Piliero.”
You have a unique style that is all your own. That is the sign of a great artist.

When someone sees a Vincent Van Gogh, they know it is a Van Gogh, a Picasso, or a Rembrandt. They just know who the artist is. So, whether an artist paints light and shadow or the contrast of light they have a purpose and style.

I see things as forms and color and how they fit together, sort of like a puzzle.
I’m not sure if any of this makes sense but it is how I see my art and the art of others.