Witch of a Woman

I am self-taught and this was my 1st real try at creating a painting.

Beginning in 1971, I just did pen and ink black and white drawings with ink and markers.

After a near death experience, while on vacation in Cape Cod, at a flea market,
my 2nd wife said to me “Why don’t you buy some paints and try painting.”

That was in the 1980ies and the start of my painting career.

Rather than using a brush I used a brush-like pen.
As I progressed, I taught myself how to blend and work with paint.
When a person sees one of my paintings, they do not have to see the signature they know it is a Piliero. I have developed my own unique style.

My family would say “You no make ah-da money”. But I’ve paid my dues and I do “make ah-da money”.

But it is never about the $ with my art it is about the feeling that comes out of a small place inside me. If I do not go within, I go without!