INSIGNIFCANCE: A Skeptic's Creed
A Skeptics Creed
vOz 10/6/01 / Revised 12.25.21
All Rights Reserved

Oh, insignificant one     who hears your cry
Who feels your loneliness     who hears your sigh?
Burdon’s eternal     waits all one’s life
Where is the meaning     what’s the reply?

Oh, great and powerful     tis there a plan
What elevates     simple to grand?
Enriches soil     this barren land
Tilled through centuries     all common in man

Whose visage is it     who’s told cast this mold
The path leads from birth     destination the old
Unseen horizons     no grasp one can hold
Fate casts long shadows     what’s to unfold

Questions have answers,     answers obscure
What is the point     must we demure?
One truths eternal     one truths for sure
To live this life,     one must endure

I have no relief     the burden one bears
Only have thoughts     that don’t always square
To have grand illusions     about what’s up there
Oh, insignificant one     why should I care...